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So, just a summary of what I think is going to happen here:

PASSIVE: You build crit/atk speed very early. Were talking something like Warrior Tabi, executioner (maybe even Asi?), Fatalis or Frostbound Hammer, ect... This would allow him to most benefit off of his passive. Also, I think you would have to scale the damage on the passive (but not the lifesteal element) because 15 true damage late game is about as effective as throwing a cinder block with the intent to take down Hoover Dam.

1) Darts. Makes Loki a close range assassin to be effective. Depending on the range you had in mind for the daggers, this could be cheap harass, or huge close range burst. We have similar ideas.

2) This is a revised Decoy. This idea has been brought up before (myself included back in April '14) but having control to blow up decoy early with his CURRENT kit would be broken. I'm curious to think that it would be broken with this kit too.

3) Slide Kick. Fun move, I would be intrigued to see how fast you would have Loki move when channeling this ability. Agni's dash fast? slower? I don't know. Maybe this is hard to hit, like Ne Zha ult.

4) Dagger Ult Thing. I think there is potential here. If Loki could control where his target moved DURING the channel of the ability, well, that would be amazing. I don't understand the last part of the ult though, the backwards leap. Since the release of Awilix I think that having "flip" mechanics is a very cool/unique thing, but I think that it would need to be incorporated into this kit so that Loki would have the choice to Ult a target and immediately decide where they were going to go.

For me, questions arise in this kit. Things like CC immunity, how certain interactions work, and initiation vs. escape mechanics.

Just thoughts,

his passive is hardest thing i allready revised it once but it is the more people around the more u have the ls caps at 15 and the true damage at 25! so it caps at 5 at any given time their are 10 gods on the map but you don't count so that leaves 9! and to be fair with this kit loki wont need much help killing a single target so its more for team fights giving him a better survival by providing a max 15 extra live steal/ and 25 true damage. so to put it into perspective, ganking middle lane 1 allied god 1 enemy god provides 6 life steal and 10 true damage against a single target with high burst damage already, adds an almost assured kill without making him to over powered! its all about balance!
his 1 would be a direct line of sight with about 2/3rds the distance as neiths 1 or if u use the line on the screen when u play 2/3rds that line.
his decoy is pretty cut and dry not much their
and his sweeping kick would be about same speed as leap animations so if u take ullrs leap and aply that speed to his sweeping kick
his ult throwin backwards would be if you do not kill the god and you would somersault over him facing him for more attacks to come. if you killed him you would spring backwards off of him like neiths 3 avoiding incoming damage and giving you distance away from enemy team
animation would look as if you jumped on targets back and stuck a dagger in his neck like assassins creed almost lol and then flip over and kick him to teammates or push off of him and flip backwards away from enemy team and avoiding damage like neiths backflip

my vision of what an assassin should be is high priority single target damage, glass cannon physical damage, but since this is only really early game m/o they need something to balance them off late game when team fights transpire, so during a team fight loki would gain 15 life steal stack able with item life steal so u figure he will have 30ish ls during the team fight keeping him present, and and additional 25 true damage added to his already speedy boxy critical will allow him to zone in on a single target in a fight taking out a heavy hitter on enemy team and with his ult flip him out of the battle if he took more damage then wanted allowing him to escape battle and most damage said for maybe a scyla-ra-janus-neith ult.

makes him more like an assassin and less like a shadow rouge mage!
cause to be frank HI-REZ CANNOT BALANCE ANY FORM OF INVISIBILITY AT ALL id rather see 100 assassins that can clear a single target taking a jungle buff or ganking a lane then to see another invisibility assassin that can clear a target 100-0 in 1s in the mist of a 5v5 fight and then invis run away or to the next target to 100-0 again! which is the trend for all invis gods HI-REZ has created

assassins are meant to be crafty and tricky to play not meant to be easy to play by any means at all because they are meant to be explosive glass cannons quick attacks heavy burst damage and you create the stealthiness by playing smarter, avoiding line of sight of minions,tower.etc! thats why people who have practiced this don't need invisibility to be a sneaky jungler crafty and catch u by sheer surprise. this can be accomplished by knowing normal ward placement and avoiding high priority targets for such things either entering lane higher then expected and running down on target unexpectedly or simply leaping over areas that u suspect to be warded. that being said i also think they need to make all the assassins quicker in movement speed not by much maybe adding a base 20 to the starting speed! making them just a little faster on their feet making them more assassin like!

to be fair the beta of this game was really a public released alpha and the game is now in beta! allot of qurks to work out