In all my time of playing the game Smite, I have seen many people give helpful advice to their team mates. I have often helped newer players learn the ropes and offered to play a few games with them to help them further learn the intricacies of Smite. When I see somebody struggling in the game, I try and suggest ways to improve their game.
However, there are people who throw their opinions at people in a very negative way. Saying things like "stop dying" "hug your tower" and "your build sucks, that's why you're dying". This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and will only upset the player who is already struggling. You are not benefiting anyone by criticizing the game play of another player. Often times this will only lead to rage and a lowered morale, and likely a loss.
Instead of saying "This is wrong and you're bad" try saying "This is what I do when in your situation. Maybe this will help."
Offering advice in a positive way will more often than not help the player learn. Can they still rage at you? Sure. Will you lose the game? Possibly. But it's a safer bet than spreading negativity.

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