So, I own a switchable graphic card laptop, the acer aspire 5745G. I just switched to windows 8 and completely forgot about the switch feature. One graphic card is Intel HD 4000 and another is Nvidia 310M(or something like that...).All I had to do was: 1) Go into BIOS using F2 on some systems when booting(as soon as you start your laptop). 2) Change the graphics mode from "Switchable" to " Discrete" 3) Reboot saving changes. 4) After rebooting, install Nvidia GeForce experience to install the driver and optimize the game(if supported). 5)Reboot after install. 6)Play game and enjoy the newly found smoothness.
You could also go into Nvidia Control Panel and change the settings for maximum performance.(You can access this through the control panel and then you will find it if you click on "adjust the....")
Also instructions by /u/Vordus for extremely low fps people: go to C:\Users\Owner\Documents\My Games\Smite\BattleGame\Config (wherever your smite config is) and replace your battleengine.ini text with this (I also set mine to read-only, but i dont know if that does anything) It basicly makes it use 50% of your screen, and blows it up to the smallest resolution, so it looks awful (im fine with it) but it runs like butter.

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