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Thread: Why should we lose TP and ELO if - ?

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    Post Why should we lose TP and ELO if - ?

    Should we lose ELO and TP if one of the guys just quits from the beginning of the match?

    Why should our whole team be punished if a guy leaves?

    Why should the other players get free Elo if we have only 4 players and the game is basically unplayable?
    HiRez people, please sort this out and make balances, I faced two demotions because of leavers.
    You basically punish people for somebody elses fault, it's just not right, figure something out please.
    This happens a lot, especially in EU servers because they're not very stable.
    I want people to stand up and request for a solution for this big problem in our Smite community.


    I have an idea for this:
    For example - If I was DC 75%-80% of the time of whole match, the teammates wont be punished and the enemy team will not get free elo. This would be a good solution tbh.
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