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Thread: Soul Eater (Power) and Mail of Renewal (HP5)

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    Soul Eater (Power) and Mail of Renewal (HP5)

    When in the in-game item store, if you sort by items that have "Power" as a physical god, Soul Eater does not appear in the list of items. I know Sovereignty grants Magical Protections with its aura, so I was wondering whether this would be fixed or not. I can understand that it's not a commonly bought item (by any stretch), but I honestly believe it would be bought more if it were under labeled as having a "Power" stat (even if it's only 10)

    This also goes for the Mail of Renewal in the sense of HP5, yet the HP gained is not a static number and is not a passive never-ending stat. It still grants the user a 10% of their max HP gain over 5 seconds. This item is also very rarely bought, and I believe this change would help to a degree.

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    I highly doubt, with as stale as smite is getting, that these changes to item descriptions will do anything to make people use the items more.

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