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Thread: Seasonal Geb Skin

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    Seasonal Geb Skin

    With the seasons changing and it approaching the time when the winter skins will be released once more I wanted to Inquire about the possibility for a snow-themed Geb skin for this year or for next. I of course have a few Ideas and appropriate names for those Ideas.

    Name: Avalanche

    Geb's ordinarily arid and rocky skin is replaced with a fridged and snow covered one, each of the buildings on his back are decorated with tiny red and green lights, the Oasis pool and waterfall are completely frozen over two tiny people are skiing to their hearts content. the snow droops over the top of geb as each of the Palm trees is decorated with a tiny, golden Ankh in replacement of the Christmas star as he is still of course a Egyptian god. Geb's usually yellow rock and sandstone is instead replaced by crystal-like blue ice much like that found on Ymir's default skin which as it gets further away from the snow grows white, to silver, to grey as if the cold is receding the further down it gets. Geb's head is covered in snow, forming into a tiny mountain that snow falls off whenever he walks. his Back is covered in a snowy slope which carries an effect as if snow is falling off him whenever he moves or uses basic attacks.


    Rollout - Whenever Geb enters Rollout snow leaps from his back, forming a snowing patch where he was for about a second before vanishing, geb is transformed into a snow ball hurtling into the enemy lines. the longer the ability continues the more rocks are picked up.

    Shockwave - a wave of snow bursts forth from Geb's position

    Stone Shield - a blue sphere crested by Snow-drizzled Ankh's appear around the target

    Cataclysm - for the split second of this attack the area around geb is transformed into a ski resort, a wall of snow engulfs the resort and foes are thrown into the air.

    Name: Winter Wonder-Geb

    Geb's back is covered in a thin layer of soft-looking snow, the Oasis on his back has been changed; transformed into a couple of small, red brick houses. one of these houses has its lights on and the silhouette of someone in the window, smoke rises from their chimneys. the Obalisk with the Eye of Ra on it is instead replaced by the north pole. Geb's eyes are green, turning red whenever he uses an ability and the rocks his body is constructed from are now a darker brown, much like chocolate or Christmas Pudding though his hands and feet are grey stone, decorated by Christmas lights.


    Rollout - During Rollout geb at first turns into a snowball however the longer the rollout continues the more it turns into a snowman's head.

    Shockwave - Geb's shockwave looks normal at first until the shockwave passes over an area, areas the shockwave has passed over turn into snowy plains for the duration of the ability.

    Stone Shield - a white shield appears around the god, surrounded by a Red and white candy cane Pattern, for the duration of the shield the air above its target snows.

    Cataclysm - As Geb tears the earth apart a town of red-bricked houses appear around him, smoke rising from their chimneys in. the town is decorated in such overly joyous manners as a winter wonderland would be with christmas trees and an Iced-over lake

    Name: Ice-Age

    Gebs body has been entirely frozen over, in places such as his arms or his foot his usual rocky self can be seen under the ice however understandably smaller, tiny Fish can be seen frozen in place around his body with some being sharks and other recognizable species whilst the waterfall on Geb's back continuesto flow. there's a small break in the ice that it flows into with a ice-fisher sitting with pole in hand. across Geb's body there are multiple ruptures in the ice which allow tiny trivers of water to escape, Pools of water appear where geb steps.

    Rollout - Geb turns himself into a glacier, the floor in the immediate area turning to dark blue water as the growing glacier moves. at the instance Geb reaches the abilities Peak a tusk can be seen sticking out of the Glacier.

    Shockwave - Geb's attack rushes shards of broken Ice and ancient fur at the enemy.

    Stone Shield - a Small Glacier appears around the target

    Cataclysm - snow forms around geb for an instand before he earth erupts, clearing the snow to show a Frozen Mammoth Buried in the Ice.


    I quite liked the ideas behind these skins and enjoyed coming up with them though of course I toned down the details quite a bit for Winter Wonder-Geb and Ice-Age However they still sound like great skins to be seen in the game and not something that may be abused for sake of irritation.
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    I love the ideo of the snowball....... but.. you want to turn geb into ymir? im not sure about that.

    I think he could work well as a snowman though... with a little top hat and a carrot for a nose... and 3 pieces of coal for buttons.

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