First off, the clan is both EU and NA, although we tend to play on EU servers.
For the most part we play casually across all of the modes, mainly Siege and Conquest Premade.
Some of us are currently looking into a Siege team - There has also been talk about a conquest team as well. So there is a competitive aspect to the Clan.
We have a website - - currently working upon getting the smite section more active with discussion etc. I personally tend to post random "guides" when I'm bored at work =D
The Clan has Teamspeak 3, it is a requirement to have a working microphone and to be active there.
All in all BIXA is a friendly clan that's looking for more friendly players to join our rank of feeders. If this suits you then feel free to apply at:
If you want any more information contact any of the following in game names:
SilentReveries (Clan Officer in charge of smite section)
Pyrex007 (Clan Advisor for the smite section)
Ashnu (The ultimate feeder who made this post =D)
If we are not online when you try to contact then please throw us a friend request
Thanks for reading and hope to play with you soon.

P.S. Unfortunately I do not visit the forums as often as I would like to, so if you have any questions etc please do add one of the 3 people listed above and whisper us =D