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Thread: Bug - Spear of the magus

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    Exclamation Bug - Spear of the magus

    Now as you can see from the title of this thread its about an item bug that you might not see everyday. So here's the story i go into a perfectly normal match and play the god "Anubis" (i have also tried Poseidon) and for a bit of a change to my usual build i decide to buy spear of the magus. I read the description carefully and it says...

    PASSIVE- Enemies hit by your damaging abilities have their magical protection reduced by 10 and an additional 10% for 5 seconds (maximum 2 stacks)

    What i am trying to say is i dont think it works for me. I use my grasping hands (3rd ability) and it takes the same amount of damage every tick. I thought it was nothing but i tried a new build in practice jungle with this item and Ra the bot was taking the same damage every time. If i am doing something wrong please explain what because i do not understand. One last thing if i am doing something wrong how can i tell if the item is actually working (For example a visual effect).


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    His hands already remove all mdef.
    Ra bot has only base mdef, your passive/hands + 15Pen takes away all protections already

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