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Good concept, but I think her lack of damage really brings her down. While I think Smite needs more support mages, damage taken is always higher then the amount you heal (unless you are a very fed Hel), so you either need to have damage to protect yourself or your partner. You should put some damage on her 3 along with the stun and buff the ult a bit to 10/15/20/25/30% damage. Also as of now ranking up the 2 doesn't give any benefit and you should make the ult 100 mana (it's universal across all non-stance Smite ults).

Also good job for making a drawing for your concept!
Thank you very much for giving me feedback on this, I definitely plan on tweaking this based on all the feedback I receive. However I plan on doing this after the competition as its my first entry and I want it to be 100% my own. Also looking at my two and other bits I realized that it was merely stupidity and nothing more