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Thread: Hun Batz Skin Concept - Monkey Business

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    Hun Batz Skin Concept - Monkey Business

    I was thinking of a skin for Hun Batz when I thought of this skin idea. Monkey Business. Feel free to leave feedback. The skin concept is basically Hun Batz in a suit and tie, holding a briefcase. When Hun Batz uses his 3 (throws the monkey at the enemy) instead he would through a stack of cash at the enemy and everytime it hits an enemy it would make a *cha ching!* sound. His 1 and 2 would be basically the same but he hits the enemy with the briefcase instead of the staff. When he uses his ultimate, he would place his briefcase on the ground and it would open with cash flying around. Let me know what you think

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    This is actually a really good idea, and for his staff he could have a cane with a diamond topper.

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