So i started playing chronos and found out he only had one color change skin (not including the gold and diamond that they all have) so i started thinking of some ideas.

Time Bandit
This skin would be chronos if he had gone forward in time and become what is essentially a futuristic pirate. He would be dressed like a pirate only more steam punk. He would also have a lazer pistol/ rifle or a lazer sword that he swings and a light slash comes off of as his auto attack. His Skills would not have to change much only INSTEAD of the blue light cog attacks they would be a rustic metal cog.

This Skin would be a pretty much massive change to the way chronos looks. He would look a lot like a mad scientist. Lab coat and all that. His auto attacking weapon would be a cool looking particle gun of some sorts, his number 1 skill would be replaced with him clicking a remote to set off an explosion at the target area. As for his number 3 a freeze ray blast would do the job nicely and his ult would be him hitting the watch on his wrist and going through a vortex that would leave flaming tire tracks behind him as he moves (guess what that's a reference to) though the vortex would not stay open as he moves but seeing as he couldn't just go invisible and be only a flaming tire track a small light orb would do.

I cant really draw so its hard for me to bring the pictures i have in my head out but i hope that you find these ideas intresting :D