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Thread: Next god and general opinions

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    Next god and general opinions

    So I was just wondering what's the god after olorun. It's been a long enough for rumors and a teases by now. Yet every time I look up new smite god. I just get just wondering when talks gonna happen. This new one should be the one that threatens the very existance right? Dont know why no one seems to be interested. Trolls and butthurts aside...

    So any way i get on this and always see angry fuckers who need to get good. Got them remedial thumbs. Thumbs need special classes. Probably should just return them thumbs all together. Your thumbs are defective. Lol which I get having a shitty team yall. Sometimes there is just not a damn thing you can do, sure.
    Yet more often then not I pull a bad team through to the win. I hop on and off smite. Never have a problem picking it back up. It's pretty simple. The game aint about snagging a fucking kill. I watch so many bad players just struggle trying to play death match. Straight run into the crowd and get scooped. If you can't get a kill no shame in playing support...and if you play support your focus should be pushing minions. My favorite to play is support actually. Though I've played so long at this point I can pick up any class. I mean i don't like hunters but shit I got an 18 and 0 game screen shot with ah mu. Any way games not hard. so getting salty over you sucking and supposedly not getting any just sad. Some point, you gotta realize it's not the team you get that sucks...It's you. Lol I mean sure playing by your self is usually a struggle. No doubt. Yet if your good and got 1 friend thats good. Shit me and my boy pull off the wins. What's your excuse? Dont even got 1 friend? Lol I'm not lying either the 2 of us carry teams bro. We're a perfect match. He can't play support for shit, sure, but it's no problem. I can do both. No lie im a baller with mercury and a baller with vamana. I'd pull out the full diamond list but eh yalls some bitches dont even got 1 main. Lol so doubt you even build bro.

    I mean i finish games mercury and vamana kills and 0 all the time. You cant finish a game with an 0 death...hang it up. You dont know how to play. Probably feed and get mad "why you get no kills". Then mad cuz your dudes tell you play support...but you want kills. Get good kids. Not that you can even push minions correctly. I mean damn just let em walk through. Wondering why you get cut up on. Feeding on minions is like 95 percent of the fucking game. If you dont level before the you expect to do any thing? Lol

    Lol other then that I do see some legitimate concerns. Sure match making could be better. If im going 10 and 0... 3 and 0 most minion kills on a support. Maybe top heals on the team. I deserve at least a chance at a quality team. I ain't just bullshitting. Put the broken thumbs in a group. While I play with the big boys. Auto track scores for say every 5 games or so. Put that in matchmaking and help these boys and girls who know how to play out with a better team. If they log out and its been a while, start match making off from the last 5 games. It's pretty simple yall already track scores...thats all you need to fix match making. I dont care who you play me least give me some one with some since on my team though.

    Then after that...taking away limited skins does erk me. I did a quest for my hoot n hollar skin. Pretty pissed yall just gave that one away. You put in the time you get rewarded. I have no problem missing out on a skin then dreaming about another chance to get it. Gotta leave something for the folks who support and grind. So bringing back skins you have to get on to get...well that would be cool. I'm all for a skin hardcores have that noobs dont, makes this snowflake feel special. (That's what some noob said) Being active gets people rewarded. Guess you rather them get mad put it away get on get something then put it away the next time never to give you one bit of money. Just saying.
    Real fans deserve limited things if noobs want the dope ass skin...noobs better be active on the game. That's just how most games you know.

    Then the 5 daily games for a chest being gone. Yeah that one stings. It gave every one a chance to earn something...and a reason to get on for them dailys. Y'all even changed the daily favor and diamonds so folks have no reason at all to log in daily. I'm also sad to see the season ticket battle point store for the skins gone. Gave people a reason to get the ticket besides the rewards. Which sure yeah ticket are still a good bet to get some cool shit. Yet it was just cool is all.

    The game hasn't really gone down hill. Every thing plays pretty much the same. People just aint good. What has gone down hill though. Rewards for being a hardcore player. No more premium skins...just wait till they say buy this right. No dailys at all. Then folks get mad about the game types...but the capture the flag and all that...well it was never meant to stay. So get mad that ones just dumb. Sure the random game types are cool. Yet I play smite bro, not some dumb no cool down game type you loved.

    So haters stop being mad. Every one knows you suck stop trying to act like it's your teams fault. Your fucking feeding into a crowd of 5 players by your fucking self. I get match making is a bit shit sure. Yet 2 players can carry a team. Ive played this game for 7 fucking years man. I know...The game types are set. Random modes are meant to change to spice things up. Stop being butt hurt because they change. Then dailys and limited skins...yeah I get you on that one. Butthurts me too. Yet the games always changing. Shit can come back. They are gonna notice the hardcore aint playing no more because they don't get rewarded.

    Oh and last thing. Your stats show on load screen. Y'all just dumb on that one. Fucking put on the right skin if you want them shown. Gold and diamond. Though ima think your a bitch if your rocking a gold skin and yoyr stats are shit...what are you showing off dipshit? The fact that you liked the character enough to waist favor? You aint earned no stats shown. We giggle at your noobness. Other then that I love the new visual stuff like level up skins and death markers. That's dope...thinking outside the box.
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