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Thread: Links O' Plenty! A simple guide for new members.

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    Links O' Plenty! A simple guide for new members.

    This is for new forum members that are confused/interested on the many aspects of the forum.

    Basic aspects.

    Change your avatar
    Custom Avatars are available after 150 Posts and 2 weeks being registered

    Change your signature
    Custom Signatures are available after 150 posts and 2 weeks being registered

    Fixing your forum time
    Do this if your post time is not the same as your local time.

    Ignore list
    Is someone constantly harassing you? Block them here!

    Buddy list
    Have a friend or someone you want to keep track of? Add them here!

    Smite Forum - The Game

    You gain "points" by doing a vast majority of things: Posting, Voting, Polling, Uploading images, and Referrals.
    These points will help you level up. There are currently 8 Milestone Emblems you can reach by gaining points:

    A green check mark indicates you have passed that milestone and can continue onwards!

    Achievements, Statistics, Rankings
    Here you will find information and links for certain aspects of the forum.

    Insight Experience
    Check out your experience, as well as miscellaneous information such as "Most Achieved Achievement" or "Most Active User"

    View leader-boards for experience, reputation, and points for all other sorts of categorys. You can also sort by each of them.

    Group Ranking

    See all the current achieveable achievements in 'Smite Forums - The Game'

    View a 10 min-delayed feed of all the points/achievements being gained by users of the forum!

    Earning Points
    Here you can learn what things you can gain points for, and the ratio for doing said actions.

    Statistic leaderboard
    This is basically a "Top 3" list for different categorys of misc. things that can be done on the forum.


    Check here for the latest upcoming Smite & Forum events.
    *Calendar has not been publicly launched.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Below here was originally written by MikalMirkas : Original Link -

    hay so i figured there's a lot of stuff about the forums that people don't know so i might as well write a post about it, mhmk?

    so pretty much everyone knows the core features (posting, private messaging, all that jazz) that's global on every single forum but it seems to me that rarely anyone knows how to use the other features. This thread is subject to change as there's so much to tackle that this is just taking a big chunk of what's different in this new software.

    So without further adieu:

    Table of Contents: (CTRL+F to skip to a section using the words inside the brackets - the string inside them will only be used twice inside the document for easy navigation)

    1. What's Different About This Forum? [SFWDO]
      1. Threading [SFWTH]
      2. vBExperience [SFWVB]

    2. User Profile [SFUSR]
      1. Global Options [SFUGO]
      2. Customization [SFUCU]

    3. Threads [SFTHR]
      1. Thread Rating [SFTTR]
      2. Multiquoting [SFTMQ]
      3. Reputation System [SFTRQ]
      4. Report System [SFTRS]
      5. Tagging [SFTTS]


    So you're probably wondering how this forum software is different from Reddit and PHPBB. Let me be your guide~

    Threading [SFWVB]

    So this is a traditional forum software with normal threading systems and posts are organized by date and not by user feedback or the like.

    vBExperience [SFWVB]

    Quote Originally Posted by Phalynx
    vBExperience is your free feature packaged solution for motivating your users. vBExperience is an advanced and highly customizable level/promotion and activity measure system with awards, achievements, promotions and activities. It will calculate an activity and experience score for every user based on their activites on the forum. Now your users will see how their level is increasing by participating on your forum.

    Communities are not only defined by post count, they need much more parameters: Are the postings the user creates helpful? Are his threads frequently read? Does the user participate on the community by posting pictures, attachments, leaving visitor messages, tagging threads? How can the user's activitiy be compared to others? All this can be answered with this mod. Additionally your users get awards and collect achievements for beeing active on your board.
    Click here
    or here for more information. You get points for basically everything, from viewing posts to rating threads.

    User Profile [SFUSR]

    Global Options [SFUGO]

    You can edit your options such as Thread Subscriptions in the link above. Not much to say other than you can click it and the forums explain the options for you.

    Customization [SFUCU]

    You can edit your avatar, signature and all other options in your User Profile Settings. If you have no avatar, your avatar will be Cupid by default. If you have no signature, then a signature won't appear underneath your posts (and you can make your signature not show in posts in addition).
    Threads [SFTHR]

    Thread Rating [SFTTR]

    In the top right-hand corner of the thread you can rate the thread on a scale of one to five stars. If you need your rating fix, here it is.

    Multiquoting [SFTMQ]

    You can press this button to queue multiple posts for queueing so you don't have to post multiple posts and flood the thread with your mindless blabble. Once you're done queueing posts up, just click the reply button.

    Reputation System [SFTRQ]

    See this image?

    It's available on the bottom lefthand corner of every post (excluding yours). You can reward people anonymously for making good posts and punish bads for shitposting, depending on your Rep Power. You can see a user's reputation power in their postbit (underneath their forum avatar). You can only award certain individuals so much rep in a certain amount of time to avoid reputation abuse, so keep using the system to get more experience and to refresh the limitations of who you can give rep.

    If you have x rep power and give someone rep, then you will give them +x points and the same applies for taking points away. If you have 0 rep power, you can't take away rep.

    If you were given/deducted rep, you can see the 5 most recent usages of it by people who have used it on your posts and you.

    If you have a green icon in your report, it means you were given positive reputation.
    If you have a grey icon in your report, it means you were given positive reputation by those with less than one rep power. This does not increase your reputation.
    If you have a red icon in your report, it means you were given negative reputation. U dun goofed.

    Report System [SFTRS]

    At the bottom lefthand corner of each post (including yours), you've got this handy little icon: . This sends you to report.php, which allows you to send reports to the moderators and administrators. They get it in their control panel, so it may take a while for them to respond.

    Tagging [SFTTS]

    Tagging is a free and easy way to earn reputation. It also makes it easier for the forum backend to find posts. It's located underneath the threads, near the quick reply box.

    If I missed anything or if there's something I haven't explained properly, let me know in the posts below.

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