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Thread: What do you believe to be Fenrir's biggest flaw?

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    His passive isn't that bad imo. The QoL changes I've read to it in this thread would be nice and I agree with them.

    The only passive stacks I have a problem with is the one for his ult. Very rarely would I waste 5 stacks on that ability.
    I've always felt Fenrir should gain protections when he ults no matter if he has the passive stacks or not. Maybe not double but he should get some sort of boost to his defs or HP. Fenrir's base defenses are considerably low to where this shouldn't be a problem.

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    I think Fenrir's largest flaw is that his entire kit is just one big burst that's easily countered, like Anubis. Once you've played against a Fenrir, you can pretty much know how to counter him solely with items.

    "Oh hey, a fenrir. Free kills!" -Arena player

    His kit just doesn't work. I know he's meant to be an assassin, but he has nothing to support his bursts with. He has no stuns, cripples or anything... The only thing he has going for him is attaching to a god temporarily to do chip damage, if the opponent doesn't have beads or aegis.

    Even if you feed him he's still easy to counter. He has no sustain, farming for his runes early on can get you murdered, and he's just generally terrible.

    Back when he first came out, I LOVED him. Being able to jump in and secure kills was a great feeling, but with brutalize being brutally nerfed, his viability went out the window. Again, it's like Anubis getting a nerf on Mummify.

    EDIT: Oh, necro. *facepalms*
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    His biggest flaw?
    He's not nearly big enough. His size when ult'ing should be the standard. He's the mighty Fenrir! A little, shaggy puppy isn't going to inspire terror or dread in anyone.

    Also, an easier way to build runes, or runes having partial effects when at 1-4, would be handy too.

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