I'm not sure if anyone else has had this happen, but today i was playing an arena game and the game lagged for us but we could keep talking in the chat, then we were booted out of the game to the lobby and could still talk amongst eachother in lobby chat. Our entire team had crashed out to the lobby.

We were unable to get back into the game after relogging we would still be in the lobby chat, the play button didn't show up, then when we got out of lobby, we could click play but not join any games cause it would say there was a game in progress.

At first i thought it happened on both sides but since none from the other team showed up in the lobby i could only assume they were still in-game.

After playing a few other games once the client fixed itself i check my history and found the match we crashed in was there and it was a loss despite us doing so well, so the other team must of still been in the match we had crashed out of, with zero opposition they won easily.

I don't expect a solution, I just want to throw this out there as its happened to me twice and found it frustrating, the first time was yesterday in assault.