1.) Open your launcher and click on the Gear in the upper right corner

2.) Click on the "Troubleshooting and Diagnostics" button on the options screen.

3.) Click the "Create Support case" button in the middle of the troubleshooting and diagnostics window.

4.) Click the "Make Log file Zip" at the bottom of that window.

Note: Please do not actually submit a support case about this at the moment.

5.) Wait a few moments for the process to run.

6.) When the process finishes you should have a file named "HiRezSupport.zip" on your desktop.

7.)Open a new email and put a brief description in the subject line, and include your in game name in the body of the email along with a description of the issue and a link to any thread you might have posted about the issue.

8.)Attach the HiRezSupport.zip to your email and send it to [email protected]