• Passive

    • Fixed an issue where Bacchus didn’t receive 10% bonus Drunk-O-Meter if he gets kills within 2s of another kill.


  • General

    • Fixed the crowd control immune glow missing from his standard skin.
    • Fixed Feaster Bunny Victory/Defeat screens

  • Take Down

    • Fixed leap sound fx replaying sometimes if using basic attack right after landing.

  • Butcher Blades

    • Adding missing melee sound fx when ability is active.
    • Fixed the FX trails lasting too long if continuing to basic attack while active.
    • Fixed the activation sound fx not playing if continuing to basic attack while activating.


  • Torrent

    • Fixed an issue where the ability wouldn’t go on cooldown if stunned while teleporting.

Nu Wa

  • Clay Soldiers

    • Fixed untextured soldiers for Golden and Legendary skins

Zhong Kui

  • General

    • Fixed Demon Catcher reversed lines: [VVS] Sorry - Zhong Kui says "Oops", and [VVGO] Oops - Zhong Kui says "My bad."
    • Fixed Demon Catcher missing voice over lines for intro, death, and firing Ultimate

  • Exorcism

    • Fixed missing FX

  • Book of Demons

    • Fixed missing FX
    • Fixed an issue where the book (ghost friend) would disappear


  • Fixed ULTRAKILL packs playing default “Godlike” voice.
  • Added new recall icon
  • Fixed the description frame for Gods and Wards
  • Fixed some enemy bot targeters showing to all in practice matches
  • Fixed Ai Bots in Conquest Practice not leaving their tower
  • Fixed the Ultimate Indicator timers on the HUD for teammates