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Thread: Queing premade as 4-5 new players in smite is horrible

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    Unhappy Queing premade as 4-5 new players in smite is horrible

    I have, along with 5 friends, recently picked up and started playing Smite. We all find the game to has a fun twist on the moba genre. Moving from Dota 2, which we felt had a lackluster new player experience, we were looking forward to play the classic DOTA map (Conquest) aswell as Siege against similarly skilled players, as this had been possible in every other moba previously encountered (Dota 2, LoL and HoN). It may come as no suprise that we were dissapointed to say the least. Not only were we not allowed to play as a 5 man premade, or even 4 for that matter, in conquest, but when queing for siege the matchmaking was so broken that in 4 out of the 5 games we have played so far we were matched vs diamond ranked players.

    Two of us bought the all Gods pack after playing a few games, thinking it would be a good idea, supporting Hi-rez and gaining some additional content at the same time. The more we play, however, the more we regret this decition. Our plans were all along to play some fun, strategic games together. As it turns out, however, our only chance to play a balanced match are Arena and Assault. Neither of us find Assault to be worth while.

    Don't get me wrong, Arena is a ton of fun. I just wish i could share the rest of the game with my friends aswell.

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    There's MM changes soon. Stick it out, push through the lower levels, and you'll be rewarded.
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    If you don't want play with crappy teamates go to league and work your way up. Then you won't have to deal with "newbies". Then go further with that and help them get better. Tolerate and help them. Patience is a virtue.
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    How Matchmaking works

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    Yes, over the next couple of weeks they're going to be changing the Matchmaking system.

    Also, you are able to queue for conquest (as a 5man premade), there's a separate queue for 5man parties.
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