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Thread: Item Idea: God Specific Wards

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    Lightbulb Item Idea: God Specific Wards

    So I just had an idea! (if you couldn't tell from the title) The voice packs for all the gods was really cool! I'm really tempted to get more than a few on my file and will probably get one eventually. Gives the game a little more life and can help players identify who is making a call from just the sound pack. So I got to thinking: what about god ward packs?
    At first it sounds kind of weird. "A ward for each individual god? Why? I don't have infinite Gems!" Just hold on! It may sound like its coming out of the blue, but just give me a second. Smite has peaked my inters on the gods, specifically the Greeks, and after doing some research on them, you will find that a lot of them (if not all of them) have some sort of symbol that represent them. For instance Thanatos has the Theta, poppy, butterfly (why is that a symbol of a god of death?), the sword, and (my favorite and what sparked my idea for specific wards) an inverted torch. Imagine running in the jungle and finding an enemy ward that looked like an inverted torch. you would be able to identify who placed it and curse them under your breath as you destroy it. "That darn Thanatos always warding the place!"
    That is just Thanatos, Zeus has a thunderbolt, hawk, bull, and an Oak. Athena has owls, snakes, armer, spears, ext. Aphrodite has a Dove, Rose, mirror, dolphin, swan, Ext. Poseidon has a Trident, Fish, a horse, A dolphin (again?), a... uh... a Bull (Original Poseidon is Original). There is so many wards that can be made just from the Greeks! Im sure they could make some real cool ones! I hope Hi Rez will at least consider it! Anyone who would like to add to this or comment (constructive please), fell free too!
    -Original Poseid... I mean Trooper_Shock

    All Info has ben found using Wikipedia. Blame them for accuracy if i'm off but all corrections are welcome.

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    i think it will only mess the game up because there whould be over 100 different wards.

    more wards mean more files to load.

    more files to load mean longer loading times, better pc, more discspace etc.

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