Today 9/11 i have Purchased Gems worth over than 100$ U.S Dollar and still didn't get Ymir Nuclear Skin or Bacchus King Skin or even Hercules Tiny Head Skin!!!
you got to be kidding me..right? i mean how much else should i pay to get these skins i already payed 135$ us dollars (approximate) and still didn't get any...there should be like a safe payment method or something so that if u purchased 100$ or more to get this skins and still u got nothing Hirez should appreciate the effort u did and the money u paid and at least send u 2 skins of the 3 rare skins (Herc,Bacc,Ymir) as a gift for all u did...but to spend all that money on Treasure Chest and u still dont get anything then this must be a BUG or something!!!

Please Respond Hirez,