I'd like to see Hi-Rez introduce items that are created specifically (and only) for each individual God. Their passive would be unique to the God. the idea behind this is that the passive would be very beneficial to the character, while the stats themselves may lag behind their counterparts in an item where it would be located. Alternatively, the passive could be weaker but certain stats incredibly useful for them. For example:

Disclaimer: These are not items suggestions, only examples of what the item themes would be

Anhur item x (a special spear).

15 phys power
10% Attack speed

Anhur gains an additional [30]% attack speed while shifting sands is active.


Zeus item y (lightning bolt)

50 magical power
20% attack speed

Zeus' detonate charge now stuns at max stacks


Arachne item z (sticky web)
15 phys power
10% Movement Speed

Arachne's tangled web now allows her to scale walls


Thor item t (plate armour)

10 magi and phys protection

Thor gains 10 protections for every enemy God near him, while losing 10 phys power

Hopefully these examples show where I'm going with this. Basically these items would either help Gods in an area they need, or repurpose their kit in some way. An item like Thor's pushes him towards the bruiser role and sets him up to be especially good in large teamfigths, which is a concept that has huge potential for many different Gods. Since each God generally has a rigid optimal build scenario, I think this could diversify the game's current meta while not breaking any 1 character (i.e. items being OP in the wrong hands, looking at the Osiris-Qin's nerf).

Item and god balance, class diversification, 3 birds in 1 stone. Win-Win-Win scenario.

Bonus: These items are equipped in-game once completed, and will be visible to all players so that observant players are immediately aware of the change.