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Thread: Cabrakan metal/rockstar skin

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    Post Cabrakan metal/rockstar skin

    I don't know if hi-rez is coming out with this, but it would be fantastic if cabrakan could have a rockstar skin

    Instead of the shield, i think it would be cool if he had drumsticks (although the drumsticks dont fit the size of the shield)

    1. X
    (not yet thought of)
    2. he bangs his drumsticks together and the sound is of two drumsticks banging

    3. he busts out a drumset and bangs on them creating the noise of the a drumset being banged on

    4. X
    (not yet thought of)

    This is my first suggestion but i thought it would be a great idea cause it goes so well with him, I know some of this seems stupid but idk if it could happen cause of the way it would work out

    If you would like to brainstorm some ideas and post them in the comments, Im sure we could get this to happen with enough thinking!

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    That be great. A rockstar pack.
    Apollo could sing.
    Hades plays guitar
    Neith does bass
    and Nu Wa does keyboard.
    My concepts:
    Do you even know how copyright works or are you just randomly saying it cause of what happened to Bastet?

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