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Thread: Good snowball items for mages?

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    Good snowball items for mages?

    I was wondering what items as a mage are good to buy when your fed to give you more of an advantage?
    (Mages like scylla)

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    When you are truly ballin' out of control, I'd recommend investing in an early Book of Thoth. When stacked up very early, this item grants a huge chunk of raw Magical Power, Mana, and MP5. A frequently unnoted synergy of Thoth is that of its sustain capabilities. If your character has a mana-based heal, the extra Mana and MP5 from Thoth keep you in lane to heal up and stack it even further.

    Book is a very underappreciated item in my eyes, and it's quite a shame. I recommend getting level 1 Thoth over the safer Tiny Trinket build for Solo mages. Mid mages definitely appreciate the immediate benefits of Trinket/Bancroft's because they are doing much more during the early game; they simply do not have time to stack. In the Solo lane though, you have a lot of time to put the Book to use. Go buy Book of Thoth, people!

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