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Thread: how to report possible use of hack / cheat ???

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    how to report possible use of hack / cheat ???

    Hello, I would like to know how to report a possible use of hack / cheat.
    We were playing a game of conquest, when a player began to stand out by having a very high speed, with absurd damage.
    I am still a novice in the game, started on 07.29.2014. But it seemed to me quite curious damage caused at the beginning of the match, and the god in question [Remove by mod], had bought only one boot and one item of magical power.
    Looking at the statistics of the player and his level of player is quite strange someone achieve so many victories so quickly (at least for me it was ... )
    For possible analysis follows below information that can make necessary.
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    anubis is indeed a son of a b*, i dont know about the speed, but if you get hit by his skills, you'll take a hell of a lot of damage

    he might be a smurf (a high level player who created a new account to own noobs or help a noob friend)

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    If you want to report someone you believe is cheating then either use the in game report system or open a support ticket and message HR directly (provide the match ID and the player name).

    If you have any questions you can message me.

    And please, next time refrain from posting player names. "Witch hunt" type posts are against the forum rules.
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