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Thread: Hanuman - Hindu God of Courage. Should he be in Smite?

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    Talking Hanuman - Hindu God of Courage. Should he be in Smite?

    I always like to create new ideas for gods that should be in the game. I think about gods from mythologies we already know, to some we don't. So here is a suggestion for Hanuman - God of Courage.

    Brave, bold, heroric, and noble. These are only the few words that describe Hanuman and his battle with Rama against Ravana and his army.

    Born from monkey-like creatures called the vanaras, but raised by gods. As a child, Hanuman believed that the sun was a mango and attempted to catch it. Rahu at that time was also in prusuit of the sun to cause the next eclipse but collided with Hanuman thus preventing a scheduled eclipse from happening. Rahu approached Indra, king of devas, and complained that the monkey child stopped him from taking the sun. Enraged, Indra through a thunderbolt at Hanuman, which struck his jaw leaving a permanant mark. Hanuman fell back to earth unconscious.
    Hanuman's father figure, Vayu, a deity of air went to take vengance against Indra for striking his son as the other devas revived Hanuman with multiple boons to please Vayu. Other gods joined in to give Hanuman many different boons in order to face the challenges he may come across. From Brahma he gave Hanuman the boon that would protect him from weapons. From Shiva he gave boons of spiritual wisdom and the power to walk on water. Indra blessed Hanuman that his thunderous weapon would no longer be effective against him and that he would be stronger than thunder itself. From Agni, a boon that would make Hanuman resistant to fire. From Surya he gave Hanuman two siddhis that would give him the power to grow and shrink. From Yama he was blessed with iternal life, thus making Hanuman Immortal, and from his Father, Vaya lord of the winds he gave his son more speed than he himself had.

    Hanuman was given the task to find princess Sita and use his newly accuired powers to do so. On his travels he met Rama during his exile along side his brother, Lakshmana. the 3 of them joined together to rescue Rama's wife Sita who has been abducted by Ravana and defeat his army or else evil will triumph over good.


    Hanuman joins the battlefield as a Warrior.

    His passive is called Bravery. The more enemy gods that are 15 units near Hanuman, he gains a 5% basic attack reflection buff.

    Ability 1

    His first Ability is called One Thousand Kicks. Hanuman delivers one thousand kicks that damages enemies infront of him.

    Ability 2

    His second ability is called Boons of Vayu and Indra. Hanuman activates his boons and increases his power and speed for a limited duration.

    Ability 3

    His third ability is called Quick Change. Hanuman shrinks down and dashes forward then increasing his size to deliver a powerful uppercut. This ability also knocks up enemies.


    His ultimate is called The Biggest Form. Hanuman dashes forward and strikes up to 3 different gods into the air and smacks them back down to the ground. Hanuman then increases his size and stomps at the location where his opponets landed. Hanuman then immedietly returns to his normal state and lands back to the ground.

    It's a lot to read and I like to know what you guys think so send me some feedback in the comments below, and if you want more ideas let me know.

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    Problem is that we already have swk, whom I see replica of what hanuman should look like.

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    hm... something about the god Hanuman sees familiar, I just can't put my finger on it whatsoever

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