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Thread: FPS issues on several PCs

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    Angry FPS issues on several PCs

    Good Day,

    I have two computers. A desktop PC and an Ultrabook.

    So here's the issue:
    For about 4-5 weeks now, I barely can play Smite on my desktop PC (nVidia Geforce GT 430) due to its low fps. I used to have approximately 20-30 fps which is ok for me - but suddenly the fps dropped to 15-20 (early game) / 12-15 (mid game) / 7-12 (late game). No one can play with an fps like this. I tried to reinstall everything from Smite, reinstall my drivers, downgrade my drivers etc. I cannot improve my fps rate! Not even if I lower the graphic settings to low - there's not difference.

    I wrote to HiRez twice but did not get any response yet - unfortunately.

    Then I thought "Hm, let's try playing Smite on my Ultrabook and its onBoard graphic Card (Intel HD 4000)".

    I installed Smite on it, chose medium - high graphic settings aaand... it worked! It worked just perfectly fine. I then chose to continue playing Smite on my Ultrabook but ever since Smite installed a "tiny update" (yes, it really was tiny, I could not even catch the heading of it - that is how fast it was installed) I now have the exact same problem on my Ultrabook, too.

    This is indeed frustrating and I have no idea what I could do about it. My friend recently told me that he is experiencing similar issues so I hope that this might be a major problem and that HiRez is aware of it (just opened another support ticket for this).

    Soo, does anybody have recommendations / ideas on this difficulty?

    Thanks in advance for taking time to read this.

    Kind regards!
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