I like playing ping dependent gods. Forexample with Arachne I'm very good when I have around 60-78 ping but I'm bad player when I have more then 90 ping. I have been playing since early days of beta and I noticed my ping vary alot from one match to another. Forexample I can have 60-78 ping one match and I can have 125-150 ping in the same map right afterwards the next match ( by saying right afterwards I mean lets say I enter another match without taking break right after one end). Since I can't see my ping during character selection windown I being forced to gamble for a pleasant match.
In this unpleasant gamble my options are;
The case where I gamble and I lost
1-) get a low ping but play a god which I don't like due to the fear of having high ping in game, feel unsatisfied and upset.
2-) get a high ping but play a god which I like then get accussed of being bad by toxic players ( in such cases evenough I know that I will be legandary if I had low ping, I'm being forced to endure that toxic harrashements because my ping was UNKNOWN when selecting the god.)

The case where I gamble and I win
3-) get a low ping and play a god which I like and enjoy the match
4-) get a high ping but play a god which I don't really like, be average and avoid toxic harrashements

Low ping = better performance for all gods. But for my play style some gods unplayable at high pings. Hirez I hate being forced to gamble in order to take pleasure from my online game experience, can you please show me my ping during character selection?

Or can someone advise me a legal addon or 3rd party program which will give me an insight about what will be my average ping during the game?

Thank you in advance.