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Thread: A Couple of Concepts Mainly Skin Ideas

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    Lightbulb A Couple of Concepts Mainly Skin Ideas

    Just a bunch ideas I thought up in my spare time:
    Or while writing this.
    Beware Much Reading!

    Skin Ideas

    For Laughs (Not meant to be serious.)

    Sharknado - Ao Kuang
    (Just a joke. Although it would be pretty funny seeing his tornado with sharks swimming around in it.)

    In All Seriousness

    Curse Ao - Ao Kuang
    This one is a bit iffy for me. SMITE NEEDS TO PROMOTE CURSE VOICE, and I mean more than just 200 gems.(Although it is pretty generous.)
    I'm not saying Ao is the best for this I'm just saying this because he is the only dragon.
    I dont know how it would work just a concept.
    (I Know Curse's image is just a flame, but its Curse Pro is a dragon...)

    Dust Queller - Zhong Kui
    This made me laugh for at least 10 minutes when I thought it up. How can you not put this skin in?
    In his hand he holds a broom, his scroll could be a cloth or something. and his bag can be trash can? IDK Maybe just a bag.
    Instead of demons flying around dust flies around.
    "No dust is safe!"
    (I also had a crayon idea, where instead of a paint brush he had a crayon, this idea fitted better.)

    Rave Ra - Ra
    I know there are plenty of Ra skins but hey its pretty easy to invent ideas for him.
    Just more flashy and colourful. As to be expected of a Rave.

    Tinkerer - Vulcan
    Instead of him being all futuristic and crazy, there needs to be a skin that's more tinkery.
    His cannon can look make-shifted and not well created and has clunky movements.
    I vision him as a man in blue overalls.
    "Lets hope it stays upright this time."

    Juggler - Nu Wa (New Wa)
    This was the first thing I saw when I watched Mezmoreyez's twitch stream of the PTS.
    Its just so perfect with the way those crystals float around.
    Just have to re-skin those soldiers as something circusy. (Even ventriloquist dolls. The horror...)
    Have her stealth as plate balancing or something...
    And her 3rd can be knife throwing or something...
    And I have no clue about her ult. (Help me internet...)

    Surprise Birthday - Loki
    His only gift is a stab in the back. But hey its the thought that matters right?
    He wears a party hat. Enough said.

    Chicken Suit - Mercury
    By chicken I mean rooster. Call it rooster suit if you want.
    It's that frill from his helmet that gave me the idea.
    Is this idea well thought out? No. More thought out than Loki's? Yes.
    But its a chicken suit nothing really needs to change.
    "Made you brooock!"

    Other Ideas

    Your Countries Flag Costing Favor or Free
    Everyone should be able to flout their county likes its the best. There are enough other icons for you to earn money from.
    (I know no one ever enters their country but maybe...just maybe..they should.)

    More Customize Options in the Custom Menu
    Maybe allow MOTD like games to occur.
    A few options:
    1. Open Gods
      - Any God can be played. (Even ones not owned.)
      - I see why this would be canned though.
    2. Class Restriction
      - Only Specific Class can be played.
      - Maybe allow it to be different for each team.
    3. Multiples Allowed
      - You want 5 Loki's on your team well go you.
      - I've always liked this feature in MOTD.
    4. Always have a jungle buff.
      - Would be interesting.
      - Maybe random, maybe based of your class.
    5. Instakilling Towers
      - No one will ever try to rush the tower alone.
      - Incompatible with don't spawn minions.
    6. Always Super Minions
      - This could be interesting.
    7. Can Shop Anywhere
      - Increase difficulty for non-auto build users
      - Would be interesting in Assault.
    8. No Items
      - Could make Crowd Control pretty dangerous though.

    -End Notes-
    Thanks for reading.
    Please respond if you like any of the ideas or any constructive criticism.
    Maybe an idea of you own to finish one of my concepts up. (Like that Nu Wa ult.)
    (I was thinking of having images but I'm no concept artist.)
    (If a skin concept has already been mentioned on the forum please tell me. I had too many ideas to check over the whole forum for it. This includes Reddit.)
    I also know skins take a lot more work than just thinking them up. But some of these ideas are quality. (I might be biased.)

    ...May insert more ideas here...

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    or maybe with the tornado there could be bits of houses,cars in it to represent a real tornado that would be funny too. xD

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