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Thread: Game stuck on lobby screen, can't play anymore.

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    Game stuck on lobby screen, can't play anymore.


    An hour ago I tried to get into a conquest game. It crashed when one of the enemy players did not lock in/disconnected. A player on our side left and messaged me saying that he indeed got deserter status, and that we shouldn't leave the lobby if possible. So I did until my game froze. After that happening I restarted and checked my goodwill, which was still a 100%.

    The problem is that now (after restarting client and pc) I can't join a match anymore due to the dissappearing of all the timers on all modes.

    Suggestions? My next step is reïnstalling my client obviously, but I thought someone had to get knowledge of this bug.



    Ps: sucks that this has to happen on a free gem day, though I wouldn't be mad if some mod would help me with this knowing that I play an average of 3 games/day. Maybe I'm asking too much here, if so, please ignore.

    Edit: The proof on imgur

    Edit 2; The timers have re-appeared after waiting a while, problem seems to have fixed itself, nasty bug/crash/freeze though
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    There's server issues at the moment.

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