Ulysse Role: Hunter

Ulysse passif : Ulysse gain Growd control recution / bassic atk on champ stack 3 time

Ulysse skill #1:

Ulysse ask his minions to charge the enemie with a large stick (think use vs the Cyclop)
effect lager area high damage (but low misile speed)

Ulysse skill #2: Ulysse trow a spear at the enemie (smal progectile but fast)
effect deal averge single target damage but reduce that target max armor by a % and reduce his speed by a slow amount.

Ulysse skill #3: Ulysse do a short dodging move after that move he gain Movement speed and projectil speed too.

Ulysse Skill #4: Ulysse a horse at the enemie the horse charme the enemie and after a short delay it explose dealing low damage am creating 10 new minions.

(this is not tested)
Sorry for the bad english
I hope you like it