Hello everybody! I am going to be giving away 3 Alienware Ra Skins!
I have been feeling down a bit the last few days so I thought maybe giving back to the community will make me feel better :).
What you need to do to enter:
Type in a random number (1-300) and anything you want. Tell me about your day, why you like SMITE, why you have going outside - anything!
E.g.: 478. I just ate a burrito.
Giveaway start/end:
The giveaway is starting NOW (2014/07/26 22:00 UTC (+2:00))
The giveaway is ending TOMMOROW (2014/07/27 22:00 UTC (+2:00))
How winners will be chosen:
I will head to http://www.random.org and pick some numbers from 1 to 300. Then I will check how many people entered the number. If only one person chose the number he wins! If more than one person chose the number I'll check the comments you leave after the number and use that to decide.
I will keep updating the post with info if I have any and I'll post the winners on the time the giveaway ends.
If you have any questions or you think I should add some more info to the thread PM me or leave a comment, I'll try to answer them. GOOD LUCK!!!
EDIT: Published the thread, will see if mods approve and will be polishing the thread.

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