Out of all online games that I have: from cheap f2p games to monthly paid mmo's or online shooters. Smite has the most anoying bugs for me. The point of this post is to see if I'm the only one.

So here it goes:
1. Random diconnections for no reason. I have 100% uptime internet connection, I never dc in my other games, its just Smite. After that I need to restart the game, its faster than waiting for log-in screen (it happens 1-2 times a day)

2. Game doesnt register my first wins of the day. Just like I said, even with win in my match history, or restarting game client, first win from this queue I just won game is still available (happens 2-4 times a week)

3. Game doesnt register when I WIN. Yes! I had Bakasura game in Siege this week when after killing enemy Titan, and getting FAKE first win of the day bonus - see bug nr.2 After noticing that I didnt get as much favor points as I should from frist win, I checked my match history only to see LOSS (it happened only 3 times, 2nd and 3rd times both on Conquest when enemy team surrendered - and yes enemy team, not mine, I still got losses in match history).

4. Spells indicators are sometimes misleading. Even with my very good ping and max fps, some spell indicators feel way off from the actual ability range. Example: On top of my head I can see this mostly when playing as Change mostly her Q and E, AoKuang E, or laning vs. Chaac - his Q axe throw ability. Sometimes it just looks to me like some spells hit or miss randomly at the edge of their range >_<

None of these bugs will stop me from playing, yet I feel like none of this should happen considering I dont have those problems on much less polished and popular games. (Sorry for grammar errors English is my 4th language)