So I was playing a casual conquest game, and we were just about to take the titan (literally, we were about 4 seconds from the win), and the game kicked me to the login screen. Figured I'd log back in as per normal when I lag out, but when I did, it took me to the homescreen instead of the game. I know I logged back in with time to spare because I was on Skype with a teammate and he said the titan hadn't died yet, but I logged back in, and there was the home screen.

I could re-queue immediately (not sure if that's normal for the new deserter penalty, I haven't given it a go until now), but my goodwill is gone. My internet didn't disconnect me, because my Skype call never dropped. I was also not having any lag issues through the whole game. It just booted me, and didn't let me back in. Has this happened to anyone else? It's a shame that I have to put days of play in just to get back to the normal amount of goodwill.

Preemptive thanks for any replies.