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Thread: Ao Kuang Feedback Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by NuSix3 View Post
    The damage should stop ticking when you're outside a tornado. That, or it needs to have a slower start up and a smaller radius. At the moment it can block entire jungle lanes and put you into a situation where your only choice is to run through it. It's literally one of about a dozen abilities that make the game kind of silly.
    I made this god idea tell me how bad it is, yo!

    Finally I make mediocre youtube videos of me playing Smite...mostly of Vulcan.....cough

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    thanks Boatmurdered - great vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barkay View Post
    ok. explain to me how it is worse to step into Aos tornado and get 400 damage over time rather than stepping into Hebos watercannon and take 600 instantly?

    do the math.

    Ao has to build ludachrist amounts of MP and Mana to even reach the damage potential other gods have.

    it takes 15-20 minutes to even catch up to what isis can do from the start and around 30 minutes to get on par with hebo AND 50 minutes to FINALLY overtake Anubis 100-0 potential.

    in case you didnt notice, the vast majority of the conquest games end well before Ao even has enough time to catch up to the other mages.

    He Bos watercanon has a lot smaller range then aos water canon it is harder to clear minions AND damage opponents with it and it stands not there for 4 seconds sayin: "If you pass you take a lot of damage!"

    Also He Bos water Canon deals 310+80% of ability Power as damage and Au Kungs deals 300 + 90 Ability Power as damage.

    Of course with the passive of He bo stacked he have 20% more ability power this means it scales like 310+96.8% of ability Power.

    So now let us consider Au Kungs passive it gives 5% of the maximal Mana as ability Power.

    This means he needs 222+151% of ability Power Mana such that his Ao Tornado scales better then He Bos Water Canon.

    So when both have 300 ability power Ao Kung needs 672 Mana for the ability to the tornado to do more damage then the water canon.

    And if both have 600 Ability Power he needs 1122 Mana to do more damage then He bos Water canon.

    So I did the math and it seams, that this is not that hard to achieve?

    Also when we consider both Gods having Rod of Tahuti it becomes even easier for Ao Kung to deal more damage.

    (I think the percentage increases are additive if I am wrong correct me).

    the 222 Mana become 178 Mana with rod of tahuti needed to do 10 damage.

    the base scaling becomes 80%*1.46=116.8% of ability power (without passives) and 90*1.25=112.5

    So there is just a 4.3% scaling difference anymore and the ability power from mana also gets multiplied by 1.25. This means ao kung only needs 77% of the ability power as Mana in order to have this ability scale better then He Bos.

    This means when both have 300 ability power (raw without passives) he needs 410 Mana for the ability to scale better.

    With 600 ability Power he needs 640 Mana in order to scale better.

    So when doing the math I do really not see your point.

    When both players have bought rod of Tahuti Ao Kung does clearly more damage then He Bo.

    But even before if both buy the same items, as soon as they buy a mana granting Item Ao Kung will deal more damage with this ability.

    Of course the squall of Ao Kung scales worse then the 2nd ability of He bo (the ultimate scales better though) and He bos Cooldown on Water canon is much lower then Ao Kungs cooldown on squall.

    But the 400 tornado to 600 water canon damage comparison is just wrong!

    It is more like 620 Tornado and 600 Water Canon.

    I dont want to say that ao kung is overall to strong, since he isn't really since he has only one good scaling regular ability (and an gigantic ultimate).

    It is just that he is really annoying and played everywhere why the people complain.

    Also this video is a little one sided. Ao Kungs tornado is of course weak against THIS starter item, but no one takes that who is facing him.

    Also Au Kungs Tornado is not best on level 1 or on level 20 but on level 9 (and quite strong on level 5 too).

    Because the base value and the scalling per level are the same, which is different for most other abilities.

    Also at level 9 most (non tanky) players have about double the health they have on level 1 (when they take a starter item).

    And the tornado does 5 times the base damage he does then on level 1 with the scaling (mana items) it is about 4 times the damage. (If ao has boots and the opponent no resistence it is even more).
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    I think Ao Kuang need a little reanimation... Sometimes i think that god animations are snippy...

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    He is such a good god for new players. If he had a stun I would cry so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boatmurdered View Post
    Thank you for putting it in perspective for so many people that just see nados and rage

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