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Thread: Two launcher bugs, and one in game bug...which is rather huge

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    Two launcher bugs, and one in game bug...which is rather huge

    Ive got one hell of a bug right now

    If its not my launcher constantly trying to check for software updates, and swiching between that and searching for the authentication server, and this will happen for about....all day really its!

    That when I can actually get in the game, none of the gods have anything, no skins, no history, no bio, its a complete blank, and the one time I went into a game, there were no gods, none.

    Please help, this bug, has completely stopped any hope for my smite launcher

    And yes I have uninstalled reinstalled, this is still happening.

    After another try, I could launch the game, but now it wont launch and Loading product and loading server are looping together forever...

    Please help, I think this is a rather serious bug

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    Did you get a new router?

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