Me and a couple of friends were playing arena and all of a sudden everyone was walking endlessly into a wall and all my friends saw this it went away for one friend but kicked me and another friend out.My friend that got disconnected was able to join back but I wasn't. I tried to re-log into smite but would get a game loading screen.I killed the program and tried it again and was able to join back tot he game for a couple seconds just to see that I was disconnected from the game. I continued to try and re-log into smite but got a game loading screen and nothing else. after my friends told me the game was over I log in again and am a deserter with no goodwill -.-. This was not a internet problem I was streaming Pandora and hosting a Skype call. The match ID was # 77564420. If I can get any feedback about this problem it would be appreciated because I have no goodwill,am a deserter and have broken the rules of leaving the game even though it was not my internets fault or mine