I decided to play some quick match to finish up some quests before the new battle patch I'm an AI kind of guy, prone to stress. So probably a pretty low MMR. Enemy team grabs a Thanatos who starts out the match with a quick gank and then proceeds to shred the entire time the whole match. Dude got a 20-0 KDR and sat a good 4-5 levels of the whole team without even trying.

Assuming I suck and things are balanced (a fair assumption), there's got to be a way to keep him from deleting anyone anywhere on the map the moment they show any weakness and then wiping the rest 1v3. Aegis bought me like 2 seconds before he 2 shot my Izanami. Kephri lasted like 3.

I'm gonna stick with bots until I learn a bit more I think. Aside from AFK trolls the AI crowd's a blast to play with.