First of all, only having three character skins from avatar seems kinda lazy. Using at least 4 characters from the show would have been appropriate. At least the main characters.

Okay, you wanted to avoid using the same role for multiple skins, and probably not use any of the gods that have rwby skins. We can work with that.


Aang - Merlin (Mage):
Aang as Merlin is fine. i get it. Merlin has multiple skillsets, Aang has multiple elements. It works.

Korra - Cernunos (Hunter):
This is a match made in heaven. Korra as Skadi just isn't optimal. No one cares about the fucking dog.

Look, Cernunos using his 1 will change the element that korra is using. His basic attacks, 2, and 3 ability will reflect the element that she is using.
For example, when Cernunos' 1 is giving him Summer Heat (bonus physical power), Korra's basic attacks will be throwing fire balls. Her 2 and 3 abilities will have a fire bending aesthetic.

As for his ultimate ability, just make it look like Korra is using spirit energy to turn players into spirits, instead of pigs.

Zuko - Pele (Assassin):
Why is Zuko a Susano skin? I get the sword thing, but it's not optimal. Susano's skill kit just doesn't fit as well as other options.
Pele's skill set would perfectly incorporate Zuko's blade work as well as his fire bending.

As an honorary mention, Zuko as a Cu Chulainn (Warrior) skin would be second best. you can change his spear to a sword in the skin. In his normal form he will use his sword, but when he transforms he will put away the sword and just use his fire bending.

Katara - Yemoja (Guardian):
Why not have a Katara skin for Yemoja? That would be completely perfect, for obvious reasons.

Toph - Hercules (Warrior):
Toph as a hercules skin would be the best warrior option. Hercules' 2 and 4 ability both utilize rocks, which translate to Toph's earth bending. Hercs' resilience also reflects Toph.

Yes Hi Rez, I know that this is all very brilliant. If you want to pay me, feel free to contact me. If not money, I will gladly accept in-game gifts/perks. There is some stuff on the game that I really want.