I am tired of the player report system it is quite frankly garbage.

IF your team loses in rank pretty much expect a report from every player on your team.

Hey we started a fight on the other side of the map away from you WHY WERENT YOU THERE.... I was stopping the 20 archer minion wave that you guys didn't notice to save a pheonix.... YOU WERENT THERE REPORT REPORT REPORT.

OMG YOU TOOK A DAMAGE ITEM AS SUPPORT WHAT ARE YOU DOING REPORT REPORT REPORT.... Oh i am sorry I like the 30 percent cooldowns so i can more actively save you in fights?

You are banned for a week... because your team of whiners that don't know how to accept a loss hates you...

I didn't feed and run into their towers for 20 min straight. I can't warp around the map all i want every thirty seconds.


So tired of the stupid in your reporting system.