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Thread: The toxic trashes of smite

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    The toxic trashes of smite

    Might be a long read but i have to post this here to "spread" awareness... (trust me you'll love this)

    Assault is prob the most toxic gamemode ever in smite,ranked is nothing compared to it,so i had a teammate who was using the streamer mode,he was playing Ra,the game started normally,the usual assault jump party got ruined by kuku in the enemy team,he started encouraging our team to report kuku for "harrassment" because he got killed in a jump party,later on... he stared going afk in team fights,after the match he told everyone to report kuku again,next game he was also in my team,its obv by his same build and toxic behaviour,he was playing raijin,this time that kuku was with us playing as baka,you know he needs to heal by eating a minion,raijin was clearing the waves intentionally far and fast so baka cant heal,he was feeding,avoiding team fights when alive to let baka die,in that game me and another teammate got in an argument with the baka cause he was afk in base,after the game that toxic soft thrower told everyone this "report X Y Z for harrassment,toxic and afk" no one talked to him,he threw the game intentionally,took all healings alone,and now he is taking screenshots to report players who didnt do anything to him,he started bitching in global chat to convince the enemy team to falsely report 3 players who ignored his feeding,throwing and toxicity

    like cmon wtf is this...,he is tilting players by his actions,never type in chat to avoid proofs against him,and then he falsely report other players by taking screenshots of something they said to manipulate the truth,this is the first time i see this bullshit in my 4-5 years of smite,he should be punished for false reporting and throwing games

    my point from all of this,DO NOT report anyone because an enemy said so,false reports are real,many toxic players suck the enemy team dick to convince them to report others,and hirez for god sake fix your report system,a player should never get an unfair ban because of some toxic players

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    lol this reminds me of a couple of videos that i recorded recently. it will be the first 2-parter on my channel. i queued an assault with some noob troll and of course, he started trolling. had two battles in a row with him. i got some hilarious reactions out of him. those vids will be quite entertaining. keep an eye out, i will be posting it on these forums when they're up.

    the ra that you were playing with was definitely a toxic player. unfortunately false reporting has been going on for years.

    people used to get banned for up to a month solely on reports. even false ones. me personally, my account has been suspended many times. i got a month long suspension at least once.

    i guess things are improving because over the past couple of months i've been reported dozens of times and i haven't even had my goodwill dropped.

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