This reporting system is just unusable and inaccurate. I hope someone is actually checking to see if these claims are legit before they punish.

I was quiet an entire game and at the end someone said "should we have split pushed." and I said "Yeah, I was pushing to lanes so if we split we would have been good." ..

I was reported for Harassment and got a popup saying I was reported for harassment.

I carried a game earlier that day with a 22-2-33 .. and was flagged for feeding the other team and got a prompt about feeding.

The other day your server crashed or went offline and I was suspended for 10 hours or 12 hours.. something like that. When I logged back in and the system was up it showed me having to wait 10 hours.

I'll probably get flagged for Harassment for this post, but this system cannot be used to justify game play, you can fake anything with it.

If you are in a party with friends and "feel" a person should play better, even if they tried, they can be flagged for anything because they were flagged. real or fake.