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Thread: I made a serious, respectful, and fun kit for Jesus Christ

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    Lightbulb I made a serious, respectful, and fun kit for Jesus Christ

    I'm well aware it will probably never be added to the game due to Hi-Rez making their stance on the prospect pretty clear but this idea just came to me and I had a lot of fun designing it (Any numbers I used in the abilities can definitely be tweaked as I do not know SMITE well enough to go that deep into it, but I think you can get the gist of the kit here.)

    My idea was to make Jesus a high risk/high reward pacifist enchanter that has an interesting dynamic of being entirely based around utility and healing yet the kit is designed to facilitate a front line in your face play style centered around weaving your Q between casts of W, E, and R to get tons of Q resets to keep both you and your allies alive in fights. I also tried adding very powerful effects to his abilities to make up for the fact that none of them deal any damage to really fit the message of Jesus

    Passive: Water into Wine
    Jesus gains a % of his mana spent back as self-healing, in addition he gain a % of
    outgoing healing back as mana.

    Q: Blessing of Forgiveness
    Short Range Wide Cone shaped skillshot.
    Jesus Waves his hand to perform a miracle, healing all allies in the cone.
    Blessing of Forgiveness will consume Sin from enemy Gods caught in the cone resetting Blessing of
    cooldown and empowering it's next cast based on how many Sin marks it consumed in the
    previous cast.

    Q passive: Jesus' other abilities reveal the latent sin in effected enemy Gods marking them with

    W: Crown of Thorns
    Medium Thickness medium range skillshot. Stops at the first enemy God or large monster hit
    and applies Crown of Thorns
    Crown of Thorns slows the effected enemy by 50% for 5 seconds and causes allied gods to heal for a % of the
    damage they inflict to that enemy for the duration of the debuff.

    E: Light of The Messiah
    Medium sized circular AOE with medium cast range.
    Heavenly light shines down upon the battlefield, rooting enemy Gods within the circle in place for
    2 seconds and reducing their armor and magic resistance by X% (scaling with ability level) for 5 seconds.
    Allied Gods within the circle conversely gain 20% movement speed and X% armor and magic resistance for
    5 seconds (scaling with ability level).

    R: Passion of the Christ
    Large AOE with Short Range.
    Jesus makes all enemy Gods caught in the AOE experience the burden of carrying his cross, marking them with
    "The Holy Cross" which disables movement abilities and inflicts a slow that increases to 99% over 5
    seconds after which "The Holy Cross" expires and stuns afflicted enemies for another 5 seconds. Enemy Gods
    not marked with "The Holy Cross" can remove "The Holy Cross" debuff from their allies by getting close to
    them but will be slowed by the difference between the slow % the effected ally was at when "The Holy Cross"
    was removed and the maximum slow % of "The Holy Cross" for the duration "The Holy Cross" had remaining when
    it was removed.

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    The numbers on the CC are pretty damn high, but I gotta say this is pretty funny on how good it is. I know you're right, they'll likely never add Jesus, but if they did I think this is a pretty genius idea. I think it would pretty cool to see Jesus, I am a Christian, and I mean... we are talking about a game about gods... they were all worshiped in some way or another, but yeah... they'd probably get a bunch of crap even if it was completely respectful. That said, I think like a serious implementation of something Jesus into the game would be awesome. You could even add Moses, King Solomon/David, the saints, angels, and demons. There'd be a lot of really cool directions. Anyhow... cool design, I really like the "lore" of the names and especially the "Passion of the Christ" made me laugh. I really dig it

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