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Thread: is report system a joke?

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    is report system a joke?

    Hey, so i have lost all confidence in reporting system. im 34 year old, and i have left my toxcity behind in cod mw days. Now i just sit and play and dont tilt. i can honestly say that i dont respont to toxic players and i dont insult fellow players.

    i usually only report player who either troll, afk in base on purpose or leave. Last couple of days im getting reported for harassments, feeding after a 2-4 game? like atleast 1 warning every day.

    Am i getting banned from a account which i have used alot of money on and not atleast my time? do hirez staff usually reply to these posts, it dont seems like it. Is it time to move on? feels like me and smite are coming to an end, so id rather break up with her before she breaks up with me (ban)

    btw: im posting from my pc account, im on ps4 and for some reason i cant login with a ps4 account to post here.

    my gamertag is: vaflermotaids (ps4)
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