Hello, I am Garebel, also known as GarebelMacha in Smite. I actually came here to explain somethings about me, that I know everyone who plays with me is definitely annoyed about, because quite frankly, so do I.

1. Even now, I still think of myself as a newbie, so I may not know ‘everything’ there is to the game. Please, bear with me on this.

2. If I leave a game early, it’s ‘not’ me doing a rage quit, that’s real life stuff happening and I’m forced to give it priority over the game. That’s all there is to that.

3. If anyone thinks I’m feeding myself(letting the enemy kill me over and over again to give more levels and gold) intentionality, I’m not. Again, I’m a newbie about this, and I simply try to play my best, but I do know when the team I’m is outmatched.