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Thread: I lost a lot of money in this game :(

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    I lost a lot of money in this game :(

    The worst moba ever created is this. A terrible matchmaking system, where there is no filter of any kind to play against level 5 and level 150 player, even in ranks. I hardly ever played my first and last 2 ranked matches and I play against diamond and platinum, what's the point of that?? please....

    The support that this company has is really bad, that's why smite is another moba of the bunch, it will never grow, it will never be in the big league like overwatch, LOL, or DOTA. Old players will continue to maintain their high ranks, beating noobs and new players, while the curious come, play for a couple of months or weeks and then leave. SMITE will never build a community strong enough to attract more players who dare to stay here for a long time.

    After a month of trying it every day and after seeing how terribly bad it is in his matchmaking system, I gave up, and barely if these last 2 weeks entered 2 or 3 hours at most to play only arenas.

    Too bad, the game has a lot of potential for its beautiful aesthetics, but it is doomed to die slowly.

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    This community is actually one of the worse i have ever encountered, almost anytime someone post's someting here or on social media groups they get flammed or harrassed, I think the cross play was one of the worse functions to come to smite, it use to be full of people who talked and helped out and now, your lucky if you get any response besides the VGS's. I've tried to disable the cross play and i get the message couldnt find a match to place you in, But a level 5 shouldnt be in ranked at all, i started on my xbox to mess around with and its only Lv4 and i got put into a match with a Lv109 who had stars on his Zues, but we were playing against bots, that i dont understand and i think people need to realize that there are bots in this game more than regular players.
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