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Thread: nox needs a rework

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    nox needs a rework

    so heres the rework she needs i feel like her passive could be more like when she or an ally neaby hits a enemy it lights a candle and each cande before the 4 one adds 5 magical power then at her last candle she uses it to add a debuff that makes them take more damage from all the allys that helped with her candles then they could change her 1 to like her old raven but instead it dashes through all enemies damaging them than after a second or so they get rooted and take damage again her 2 could become like she sends something out then if it hits someone it does the same thing as her 2 right now and but stays on the and goes through minions also if it hits no enemy god it just does the same thing as it is right now her 3 could stay the same but instead she is immune to everything (ticking nu wa ult ect) and her ult could be the same but instead at the end it bursts into a posidoen ult width and is full of nightmares enemys in it get there vision reduced so they can only see anything inside the circle outside they cant see (like xibal ult) and ticks for damage over time this is my rework for nox and i hope this will become real because she relys to much on her 1 2 for damage and feel like she can seriously become bigger with this and feel more like the goddess of night.
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