Hello Hirez and people of the forums, I would like to introduce a idea of changing Athena because her current kit does not really work in my opinion her ultimate is a buffed up teleport to a ally her 3 is a circle group of ghost soldiers that only do damage and low damage at that her 1 is easily canneled and bassicly only charges at the enemy. And her 2 is the only one! that has some use since its cc's and pulls the enemy towards you what does help you in a fight.

So my idea give her more cc moves or ability that give protections to ally's since she is a gaurdian and instead of some buffed up teleport give her some shield ability to protect her ally's instead of the ultimate she has now. Anyways I hope you will take this serious and do something about this, because i like playing gaurdians but the way Atena is right now i am not going to play her.

And ps: If any fellow players read this please say constructive feedback instead of painful,insulting and rude things.