The basic idea is to reward players who hit enemies with the random path of this ability. Characteristics for my idea on Baba Yaga's Wild Witchcraft (first ability):
  • The first part of this ability is always a straight line
  • The second part is a random path among the existing ones (Left Corner, Right Corner, Split forwards, or Oval backwards)
  • The second part of this ability deals an extra 20/40/60/80/100% damage
  • The shot leaves behind a random magical field on the ground it flew over for 4s (unchanged from current state). After players leave the field, the state remains on them for 0.15 times Baba Yaga's level seconds (that is, 0.15 at level 1 and 3 seconds at level 20).

In addition, a couple of more ideas for the rest of her kit:
  • For her second ability (Baba's Brew), include random effects that also stay on the field
  • For her third ability (Blast Off!), include some kind of short Crowd Control on the explosion [maybe a 0.5 seconds tremble or a 0.2 seconds mesmerize (this would act basically like an interrumption of enemy abilities)]

Thanks for reading