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Thread: Recommendations, Now That Cthulhu Is Coming Into The Mix

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    Recommendations, Now That Cthulhu Is Coming Into The Mix

    One thing I recommend, off the bat, having looked at the Smite Wiki, is that before Cthulhu comes out, you change the name of his pantheon from the Great Old Ones pantheon to the Mythos pantheon. The Mythos encompasses godlike beings from many writers, not just Lovecraft. Also, not all the godlike beings are Great Old Ones. While not all of them particularly have mankind's best interests in mind, and therefore the good, neutral, bad, lineup becomes a bit fuzzy, there are some who are... basically... good, like Nodens, neutral, like Hypnos, and evil, like Nyarlathotep... just to name a few. The more benevolent are Elder Gods, not Great Old Ones. So, to fit them all into a pantheon, the Mythos pantheon would fit for all involved.

    Also, by doing this, you could potentially bring in godlike beings from all scope of the Mythos, even including Stephen King's It/Pennywise, if desired, as an example.

    Some gods will need to be made in non-human forms, such as Cthugha, who would be a floating, amoeba-like, ball of flame, who can extend flaming amoeboid tendrils to attack with. Also, if you, at some point, decide to bring in powerful Mythos monsters, rather then gods themselves, Dark Young would be giant three cloven legged trees with mouths and tendrils, Hounds of Tindelos always being in a monstrous canine, mucous covered form, and the like.

    By making a Mythos pantheon, you have a huge... even monstrous... selection to bring in from. And, if done with care, it might be an extremely popular one. But you have to get things as close as possible, or things could take a left turn, from accuracy critics who read the books they're taken from.
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