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Thread: New To Smite - Hi all o/

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    New To Smite - Returning YouTuber

    Hello everyone,

    I am a 41 year old gamer, married with 4 kids and a rather farty Beagle. Played 85 games in Smite and loving my time here and playing with randoms which has been really good fun.

    I am an avid gamer since playing on Amstrad 464 way back when tapes where cool. I am trying to get back into doing YouTube videos on gameplay, tutorials and guides etc but word of warning. i was run over back in 2015 and its taken upto now for me to get speech and ability to a semi ok level so appreciate any feedback on the videos I am making. I am housebound since the person didnt notice my 6`2" 16 stone frame

    I would enjoy anyone looking for social gaming / community to add me in game as `Ascelot` and give me a nod if you fancy hooking up.

    Anyway stay healthy and stay safe. See you out there...

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